Paper Puzzle Pack

design: 2012-2013

fabrication: 2013

In this series, each pack has a couple of paper folding puzzles. They are good to bring along with you.

Squares consist of square-shaped sheets. They are different in its motif and trick.

  • Single Piece (1 sheet, 2 problems)
  • Flat Dice (2 sheets, 1 problem each)
  • Folding Scissors (1 sheet, 1 problem)

Rectangles consist of rectangle-shaped sheets. They are also different in its style.

  • Small House (1 sheet, 3 problems)
  • Quiet Horn (1 sheet, 1 problem)
  • Telephone Switch (1 sheet, 2 problems)

The logo of the series are based not only in a sheet of paper, but also a shape of P.

Paper Puzzle Pack

designed by Kohfuh Satoh, 2012-2013

released from kofth, 2013